Accounts Payable

Processing Check Request Forms

For purchases for goods and services (including non-travel-related, out-of-pocket College expenses) over $500, please refer to the Purchasing Procedures. For purchases under $500, please follow the procedures for the Check Request forms below.

Check Request Form Procedures

In order for a Check Request form to be processed by Accounts Payable, the following documentation must be submitted to Accounts Payable:

  1. Completed and approved Check Request form (instructions are printed on the form).
  2. Actual invoice or receipt (detailed, showing all items purchased, rather than the credit card receipt) for expenditure.
  3. The actual invoice or receipt must provide a detailed description of the purchase. Copies of receipts, receipts for credit card transactions, or actual credit card statements will not be accepted in the normal course. In the rare case that an actual receipt is not available, a copy of the receipt or credit card statement will be accepted under the condition that the employee sign a statement attesting that no actual receipt is available and that a duplicate charge will not be submitted. Employees who repeatedly avail themselves of the receipt alternative may have this privilege revoked.
  4. Description of the business purpose of the expenditure.

Authorization of Check Request Form

All Check Request forms must be signed by an authorized employee, generally the budget officer for the department. For out-of-pocket expense reimbursements, the employee's supervisor must approve the Check Request form. For Department Heads, Vice Presidents and the President, the Vice President for Finance must review the Check Request form. Any issues or concerns regarding these expenses will be discussed with the Chief Operating Officer (or with the President with regards to the expenses of the Chief Operating Officer).

  • When reimbursing outside consultants for services or a guest lecturer, the tax address and either the Social Security number or EIN of the payee must be included.
  • All payments to Barnard College employees (including Barnard student employees) for stipends, honoraria, or extra services to other departments must be paid through Payroll. 

Please use your legal name on a check request. Please do not use nicknames.

Digital signatures are not allowed on any check requests, advance requests, or expense reports. We require original signatures.

Please note Barnard College is tax exempt; therefore, sales tax paid on goods and services (restaurant meals are an exception) in New York State should never be included in amounts to be paid or reimbursed. However, if a member of the Barnard community purchases items outside of New York State and is charged sales tax, the College will reimburse for those taxes paid. Tax exempt forms may be obtained from myBarnard under the myFinance tab or requested from either the Purchasing or Accounts Payable departments via email before purchases are made.


Check Request forms should be submitted on a timely basis to Accounts Payable for processing.

All requests for payment of or reimbursement of expenses must be submitted to the Finance & Operations office within the fiscal year the expense was incurred (e.g., expenses incurred between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020, or Fiscal Year 2020, must be submitted to Finance by the end-of-fiscal year deadline, July 5, 2020).

The following is the schedule for the Accounts Payable Department:

Requests for checks are normally processed within 10 business days of receipt.