Budget & Finance Redesign

Budget & Finance Design Project Objectives:

  • Develop an agile and adaptive financial system to meet Barnard's reporting needs.
  • Develop accounting structures that increase the efficiency of financial reporting.
  • Implement flexible reporting tools to replace the present eBear environment.
  • Deploy role-based security access to provide greater levels of detail to authorized users.

New Financial Reporting Capabilities:

  • Ability for Department Chair to "roll up" financial activity into one report, based on specific criteria (funding sources, programs, expense codes).
  • "Look up" function to map old and new data.
  • "Drill Down" to individual transactions.


New Account Structure:

Fund  2 Digits (Unrestricted or Restricted Monies)
Function  2 Digits (Accounting Classification, i.e. Research)
Unit  4 Digits (Department Name/Building)
Program  6 Digits (Grant/Gift Endowment Name)
Object Code  6 Digits (Type of Revenue/Expense)
Total 20 Digits


Account Structure Comparison Example:

Old Account Number

Fund Unit Object Code
1 010632 4301

New Account Number

Fund Function Unit Program Object Code
21 01 0510 420365 580102

Please go to Bridges Between Old and New Account Numbers to find your new account number.


Special Note About Endowments:

At the present time, spendable account balances for restricted gifts/grants and the non-spendable portions of endowment accounts are erroneously commingled in Fund 21 in WebAdvisor. We will soon be making a correction so that only spendable gifts and grants will appear in Fund 21. In the meantime, please ignore any balances in endowment accounts (5 program series) in Fund 21.  Please note that spendable endowment income, if applicable for your accounts, is already included in Fund 24 and available for your review.

We appreciate your patience as we complete the implementation of WebAdvisor. If you have any questions, please email obp@barnard.edu for assistance.