Budget Transfers


To facilitate the reallocation of budgeted funds from one object code to another after the original budget has been approved.

Policy & Procedures

Monitoring & Frequency

Department managers with budget oversight are able to view budgets in eBear and should ensure that the budget is not exceeded for each budgeted object code. Budget balances are updated nightly in eBear.

Budget changes must be requested prior to making a commitment that will result in overspending a line-item from a department’s budget.  If funding is not available within the department guidance is available by contacting the Budget & Planning Office prior to submitting forms to Purchasing, Accounts Payable or Human Resources. Please allow sufficient time (2-3 days) for budget change requests to be processed by the Budget Office prior to submitting corresponding forms. 

Barnard College may hold employees personally responsible for inappropriate or unauthorized purchases.


Budget transfers from payroll object codes to non-payroll object codes can only be made in order to fund temporary employees or consultants filling vacated positions. Advance approval from the area Vice President, as well as from Human Resources, is necessary.

Example 1: Moving funds from Payroll to Non-Payroll

A temp or a consultant is needed to cover duties normally assigned to a position which is now vacant. There are no sufficient funds in the temp agency line or consultant line. A transfer is needed to fund monies from your payroll object code (for the vacant position) to the temp agency line or consultant line thereby covering the shift in cost.

Barnard Policies do not permit budget transfers from non-payroll object codes into payroll object codes.

Example 2: Moving funds from Non-Payroll to Payroll

The travel budget is under spent; this available balance cannot be transferred to hire a new position or to increase the number of hours an employee works.

Example 3: Moving funds from Payroll to Payroll – or- Non-Payroll to Non-Payroll

Transfers Within Payroll: There is an amount budgeted for BC student wages; however, during a critical period no students are available to complete specific tasks. A part-time administrative employee’s hours are increased temporarily to fill this void. A transfer is permitted moving funding from BC student wages to the administrative salary line.

Within Non-Payroll: There is a need to purchase office supplies but there are insufficient funds remaining in that object code to place the purchase. Travel expenses are under spent and there are no plans to use all of the remaining balance. A transfer is permitted funding the office supplies line with the appropriate amount from the travel budget.