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Cultural Clubs and Organizations

There are many different types of student organizations at Barnard and Columbia, which aim to provide an increased awareness about various cultures from around the world. Please visit the Student Government Association website for a complete list of all recognized student groups.

Armenian Club
Website: www.columbia.edu/cu/armenian
The mission of the Armenian Club is to promote awareness and encourage the involvement of the Columbia University community in issues and concerns of the Armenian population. The overall goal of the Armenian Club is to stimulate knowledge and advance all Armenian causes.

AAA: Asian American Alliance
Website: www.columbia.edu/cu/aaa
Email: aaa@columbia.edu
AAA actively promotes positive interaction among Asian American students and organizations at Columbia University. AAA represents the Asian American community by creating and maintaining a unified voice. AAA mediates any conflicts, which might arise involving the Asian American community. AAA promotes awareness and fellowship among Asian American students through cultural, educational, political and social programming that reflects the diverse Asian cultures within the Columbia community.

Bangla: Bengali Students Organization
Website: www.columbia.edu/cu/bangla
Email: bangla@columbia.edu
Club Bangla increases awareness on campus about the language, culture and social heritage of Bangla (Bengali). We promote a better understanding and seek to have more visible representation of the Bengali community on Barnard and Columbia Campus. We cultivate a close frame of support for Columbia students and its affiliates of Bengali background and interest. The mutual sharing of knowledge further enhances the diversity of Columbia University and its affiliates. By exploring Bangla heritage in a Western environment, you can better understand individual identities in a concrete and contextual sense. As a group, Bangla benefits its members and the community by acting as individuals and encouraging the participation of all students, faculty and administration of Columbia University and its affiliates.

CSA: Caribbean Students Association
Website: www.columbia.edu/cu/csa
Email: caribbean@columbia.edu
The aim of the Caribbean Students Association is to promote an appreciation of Caribbean people and culture within the Columbia University community. We allow our membership to generate and foster a sense of unity and understanding among themselves, with their fellow students at Columbia University, and the surrounding community.

CSC: Chinese Students Club
Website: www.columbia.edu/cu/csc
Email: csc@columbia.edu
The Chinese Students' Club of Columbia University (CSC) fosters friendship among Chinese students, to represent and serve the interests of the Chinese community at Columbia University through political, social and cultural activities, and to promote goodwill and friendship between the Chinese community and the community at large through the exercise of all powers possible under the rules of Barnard College and Columbia University.

Email: dims@barnard.edu
Dimensions represents a portal for the presentation of the heritage of South Asia, and the representation of a united South Asian community. Dimensions emphasizes a non-partisan and non-political perspective of each nation. Dimensions prides itself on being a unique and different organization for the Barnard and Columbia community.

Grupo Quisqueyano
Website: www.columbia.edu/cu/gq
Grupo Quisqueyano is an organization that presents Dominican presence at Columbia University. Grupo Quisqueyano works to promote Dominican culture and heritage, advocate and encourage unity among Dominicans in and around campus, and equip its members with the necessary support and services to succeed at Columbia and beyond.

Haitian Students Association
Website: www.columbia.edu/cu/hsa
Email: has@columbia.edu
HSA is comprised of Haitians, first and second-generation Haitian-Americans and anyone who is interested in Haiti's history and culture.

Email: jhk2123@columbia.edu
Ho-Heup provides resources and information about Korean culture, art and music through poongmul. Ho-Heup welcomes any students, faculty and alumni of Columbia University who are interested and is willing to teach members how to play poongmul instruments.

L'Atelier French Performance Troupe
Email: latelier@barnard.edu

CU Japan Society
Website: www.columbia.edu/cu/japansociety
Email: japansociety@columbia.edu
Columbia Japan Society was created to disseminate Japanese culture to the Columbia University community and bring together all those with an interest in Japan or Japanese culture.

Liga Filipina
Website: www.columbia.edu/cu/liga
Email: liga@columbia.edu
Liga Filipina aims to unify Columbia University students interested in Filipino culture through social interaction, cultural programs and activities, educational exchange, and to promote an awareness of this culture in the Columbia University community.

Email: mujeres@barnard.edu
Mujeres provides an organization of cultural support for Latina Women at Barnard College, Columbia University. We promote awareness and pride in the diverse Latina culture and heritage. We encourage Latina leadership at Columbia University. We hold weekly general body meetings and sponsor a minimum of four events each semester.

MISA: Multicultural International Student Association
The Multicultural and International Student Association of Barnard College (MISA) provides a network of support for students interested in multiculturalism and international students at Barnard College. We provide opportunities and resources that will enhance multiculturalism and international student life at Barnard College. We facilitate communication between the international student community, the student body as a whole, administration, and the faculty of Barnard College.

OPS: Organization of Pakistani Students
Website: www.columbia.edu/cu/ops
The Organization of Pakistani Students is composed of Pakistani students and those students interested in the Pakistani culture at Columbia University as a Student Government Association member organization. The Organization of Pakistani Students provides an opportunity for students interested in Pakistani culture and politics to be united as an organization and be properly represented in the university as a group. The Organization of Pakistani Students provides its members with opportunities to become better enlightened in Pakistani politics, religion, and culture as well as opportunities to socialize with students of the same cultural interests.

Polish Club
Email: mu2113@barnard.edu
The Polish Club's mission is to promote Polish culture within the Barnard College and Columbia University community by bringing together students with a common interest in learning and exploring the various unique Polish cultural traditions.

CU Raas
Email: cr2120@columbia.edu, nsp2103@columbia.edu
The Columbia University Raas Team is a dance competition team that seeks to promote the awareness of a particular type of Indian folk dance called garba-raas that is indigenous to the state of Gujarat in western India among members of the Columbia University and Barnard College community.

Russian Culture Association
Email: or2118@barnard.edu
The Russian Cultural Association of Barnard College facilitates communication between students, administration and faculty on subjects pertaining to Russia and/or the former Soviet Union. We organize and sponsor activities on and off campus that promote awareness of topics on Russia and/or the former Soviet Union. The Russian Culture Association provides a support group for international students, especially those from Russia.

Website: http://www.columbia.edu/cu/sabor/index.htm
Email: Sabor_board@columbia.edu
Sabor is Columbia University's first and only Latino Dance Troupe. Sabor aims to promote the presence of Latino culture at Columbia through the performing arts. The word "sabor" translates into flavor which in turn is defined as each of the four sensations identified by the sense of taste (i.e. sweet, sour, saltly, and bitter). But tell me, how do we manage to turn a word so rich in meaning into such a mediocre description? The essence of the word is lost in translation. So what does it really mean? It means passion, it means desire, it means skills.

Sounds of China
Website: www.columbia.edu/cu/soc
Email: soc@columbia.edu
Sounds of China provides for those who are interested in the Chinese language and culture a resourceful and non-political setting to further pursue and develop their interests. The group provides resources for members to produce quality radio programming in Chinese and English which entertain listeners and introduces all varieties of Chinese culture to the Columbia and Barnard Community.

Website: www.columbia.edu/cu/taal
Email: taal@columbia.edu
Taal was founded in January 2001 with the support and guidance of Club Zamana at Columbia University. The fundamental intent of Taal is to promote awareness of South Asian dance, thereby promoting awareness of both Indian culture and the arts. It serves to establish a forum for South Asian dance, open to all members of the Barnard/Columbia community. It is a medium through which the many students who have studied South Asian dance may continue the art through choreography and performance, and provides those students who have an interest in South Asian dance and culture to explore one of its primary facets by attending performances, and attending or participating in practices or workshops.

TASA (Taiwanese American Student Association)
Website: www.columbia.edu/cu/tasa
Email: tasa@columbia.edu
The Taiwanese American Student Association (TASA) is an undergraduate student organization dedicated to promoting the culture and heritage of Taiwan to the entire Columbia community. Our organization's mission is to create a community by bringing friends together and to help establish identities while redefining roots. TASA also hopes to foster awareness of Taiwanese language, culture, and politics. Sponsoring a wide range activities and events including study breaks, dances, and outings in New York City, TASA provides a vital yet relaxing atmosphere where students with a common interest in Taiwan can interact with one another to create bonds that will last through and after college years.

Turath: Arab Student Association
Website: www.columbia.edu/cu/turath
Email: turath@columbia.edu
Turath was established to foster community involvement of the undergraduate Arab population, to promote awareness of Middle Eastern culture and politics, and to provide a voice for Arabs on campus. To that end, Turath hosts several films, musical and literary performances, social events, and political discussions each semester. We strive to unite Arab students or student interested in Middle Eastern culture and politics by providing them with a forum in which Arab students can socialize and interact with one another.

Vietnamese Student Association
Website: www.columbia.edu/cu/vsa
Email: vsa@columbia.edu
The purpose of the Columbia University Vietnamese Students Association is to encourage an understanding of issues relevant to Vietnamese and Southeast Asian communities and to cultivate sensitivity to the needs of those people by offering organizational, cultural, and educational activities to the Columbia community at large and also by developing and maintaining relationships with other organizations to promote awareness of issues pertinent to Vietnamese and Southeast Asian communities.

Club Zamana
Website: www.columbia.edu/cu/zamana
Email: zamana@columbia.edu
Club Zamana is an undergraduate South Asian association founded to serve the needs of Columbia University's South Asian population. We strive to foster harmony and cultural awareness among our members and attempt to highlight the South Asian presence within the Columbia University environs as a whole. We are an integral part of our community and work towards bringing value not only to ourselves but to our entire community. Throughout the year we hold several cultural, social and issue related events. Our spring culture show, Tamasha is one of the biggest events of the year. We also publish our award winning magazine, Sangam.