Faculty-Led Programs

Every year, Barnard faculty lead programs off-campus - either as part of a semester course or as stand-alone opportunities in the summer or winter. 

Faculty-led programs in 2018-19 are:

Summer credit-bearing programs

French & Center for Translation Studies: Translating Theatre Workshop - Paris, France (3 credits)
Led by Laurie Postlewate
June 3 - June 27, 2019

Barnard’s prestigious Center for Translation Studies is returning to Paris for its second year!  This four-week workshop combines hands-on translation practice (French to English) with discussion of theoretical and dramaturgical issues specific to translating theatre.  The course takes as its starting point the observation that all theatre performance is inherently translative in its interpretation of a text, and inversely that the translation of a text is a performative act.  Students will therefore attend, as a class, new productions of the plays in Paris they will be translating as a means to enrich their exploration of the conditions, possibilities, and limits that performance presents to theatre translation.  Classes will be held in Columbia University’s historic Reid Hall and students have the option of living with a French family or in an apartment in the city.


German: Intermediate German - Vienna, Austria (4 credits)
Led by Irene Motyl-Mudretzkyj
June 2 - June 27, 2019

In this intensive four-week study abroad language and culture course students on the Intermediate I and Intermediate II levels will practice and expand their German-language skills by exploring Austrian culture, history and politics in one of Europe’s most diverse cities.  Students will experience language and culture first-hand by getting to know different “sites of memory” that have defined Vienna and engage in research and field projects. This team-taught course is offered in cooperation with Webster University Vienna and will take place on Webster University’s campus in the heart of the city.  Students will live in a modern dormitory minutes from the Webster campus.

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Semester courses that include travel abroad

Architecture: Design Studio III - Mexico City, Mexico
Led by Ignacio Galan and Karen Fairbanks
November 2-11, 2018

Design III offers senior students an opportunity to consider international locations and address contemporary global concerns at the end of their studio sequence, incorporating critical questions, research methods, and design strategies that are characteristic of architect’s operations at this scale. This year's course explores architecture’s role in the shared management of resources and the construction of communities at different scales in Mexico City. Mexico City is an exceptional case study to address pressing questions that concern the understanding of the contemporary built environment, considered as complex articulation of physical and political forces, cultural and material networks, and social arrangements, in which architecture participates.

GERM 3022: Vienna Stories: Filming Identities and Voices - Vienna, Austria
Led by Irene Motyl-Mudretzkyj
May 16-22, 2019

Students explore the use of digital technology for analyzing culture, language and identity in one of Europe’s most diverse cities, Vienna, Austria. During a one-week stay in Vienna, students put their German-language, filming and digital technology skills to use gathering ethnographic material for a short German-language documentary film on identity, the notion of homeland, and stereotypes. Live encounters with native Viennese as well as recent migrants from Turkey, Serbia, Afghanistan, and Syria served as the main sources for the video.  See this student-made video on the program.

SPAN 3300: Advanced Spanish through Content: Gay Identities in Spain
Led by Javier Perez-Zapatero
May 15-24, 2019

This is an advanced Spanish language course centered around a week-long visit to Madrid during the spring break. Students will network with members of the LGBTI national and local organizations (FELGTB, COGAM, Fundación Triángulo, ERQR)  Arcópoli), engage in academic activities at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, attend a play, interact with other LGBTQI college students, engage in activities at a local bookstore specialized in LGBTQI publications, and attend cultural events such as lectures, book presentations, etc.

Visual Arts: Capstone Experience for Majors - Berlin, Germany
Led by Joan Snitzer and John Miller
March 16-23, 2019

Visual Arts majors had the opportunity to experience the vibrant arts scene in Berlin by visiting museums, galleries, and studios.  Professors Snitzer and Miller organized meetings and discussions with active artists, curators, and critics in the city, giving students a window into working in the arts.