Proposing a Program

Faculty are encouraged to develop short-term programs off-campus (either internationally or domestically).  The next round of proposals has been extended to Monday December 3, 2018 for summer credit-bearing programs, and May 1, 2019 for winter, spring break, and other semester embedded programs.  All proposals are reviewed by the Faculty Committee on Internationalization in conjunction with the Associate Provost for International Initiatives


There are currently three types of faculty-led program abroad, based on whether the program is for academic credit and the type of credit provided:

1) Summer- and Winter-Term faculty-led program for credit
Programs must be a minimum of four weeks for Summer Term in order to count as a regular 3-credit course.  Winter Term programs must meet for a minimum of two weeks in order to count as a 1 or 1.5-credit course.  Faculty salary and costs are included in the program fee. 


2) Semester Embedded program
Faculty are encouraged to develop programs abroad in conjunction with their semester teaching.  The abroad component should be closely tied to the academic focus of the semester course and should take advantage of the location as a way to deepen the students’ understanding of the subject matter.  The time abroad can take place either at the end of the semester or during the spring break.  


3) Short-term faculty-led program abroad not for credit
Faculty are encouraged to develop programs abroad that are not tied to academic credit but would enhance Barnard undergraduates’ understanding of a particular subject area, region, or country.   Examples include involving undergraduates in research projects abroad, having them participate in professional conferences and symposia, or engaging them in service-learning or volunteer opportunities.  Programs that provide a capstone experience abroad for majors are particularly encouraged.  



It is strongly recommended that faculty interested in proposing a trip meet with Giorgio DiMauro, Associate Provost for International Initiatives and Special Projects, ahead of submitting an application.

Application deadlines
For Summer 2019 proposed programs: extended to December 3, 2018
For prpoosed embedded programs in the 2019-20 academic year: May 1, 2019

Please submit the appropriate program proposal form, as well as a preliminary budget, syllabus and itinerary to Giorgio DiMauro at