BA/MA Program with Sciences Po Paris

The BA/MA program allows selected undergraduate students from Barnard College to follow an intensive joint program in the social sciences with Sciences Po Paris. Students apply to the BA/MA program during the second semester of their sophomore year and are "pre-accepted" to a master's program at Sciences Po. Selected students spend their junior year at Barnard, during which they are expected to maintain a certain gpa and complete certain courses or other requirements.  In their senior year, students remain enrolled at Barnard but study as first year master’s students at Sciences Po in Paris, after which they receive their bachelor’s degree from Barnard. Students then remain a second year at Sciences Po to complete their master's degree from Sciences Po. By completing this joint program students obtain both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in just five years.

Barnard-Sciences Po BA/MA Program Information Sheet 2018-19

Sciences Po MA Programs Brochure