Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit an Intent to Study Abroad form?

Follow the instructions here: Initial Procedures.

How do I submit a Notice of Study Leave?

Follow the instructions here: Before Leaving Barnard.

Do I need to file an advance program for the semester I will be abroad?


How do I make an appointment?

You should first attend a General Information Session. Then make an appointment with an advisor at or by calling 212-853-0275. 

What do I do to get a Home School Approval form signed?

Associate Provost Giorgio DiMauro or Associate Director of Study Abroad Krista Rockholt will approve all Home School Approval forms. The forms can be brought to either 101 or 103 Milbank. Please inform him if it needs to be submitted online.  We do not mail approval forms to program providers so arrange to pick it up if it needs to be mailed.

Will I receive credit for courses taken abroad?

  • Yes. All courses taken on an approved program will be considered for credit. You must, however, have each course approved by the department granting credit. Attend a myBarnard training prior to leaving campus to learn how to submit courses for approval.
  • Credit will be given for courses in which you earn a grade of C- or higher.
  • Courses may not be taken Pass / Fail.
  • (Each foreign institution has varying scales by which foreign grades are translated into Barnard letter grades. Please ask Associate Provost DiMauro for the policy on your program.)

Do my grades from study abroad count toward my GPA?

Grades will show up on your transcript in parentheses just as all transfer credit is noted. Grades are not included in the Barnard grade point average but they will be included in the calculation if you are being considered for Latin Honors. Any course(s) applied to your major will be factored into your major grade point average.

These courses and grades may, however, be considered by graduate or professional schools, which normally require the submission of an applicant's transcript from all colleges attended.

Grades from Columbia University programs abroad (Reid Hall, Columbia University in Beijing, KCJS, BCGS) are included in the Barnard grade point average.

Can courses taken abroad count toward my major, minor or Foundations?

Yes. However, courses must be approved as such on myBarnard.

A minimum of six courses in the major must be taken on campus. Some majors have stricter requirements than this. Check with your major department.

Courses must be evaluated as worth 3 Barnard points to fulfill a requirement (for example, if you take a course at a European institution, that is worth 5 ECTS this will transfer as only 2.5 Barnard points and therefore cannot fulfill major, minor or Gen Ed requirements, even if it has been approved as such on myBarnard.) 

Is there a place on campus I can get something notarized?

Yes. Please see this website:

How can I study abroad in the summer?

Summer Study Abroad is not regulated by this office. It is treated as any other summer study undertaken here in the U.S. Please consult the registrar's policies on summer study for detailed information about credit transfer.

Barnard College Study Abroad does not endorse any particular summer study abroad programs. In general, it is up to you to find a program that meets your needs and the standards of Barnard College. We recommend that you start by looking at summer programs run by colleges and organizations that have semester/year programs on our approved programs list.

To that end, we do have some information on file in our office. Feel free to browse our resources or speak to Dean Young about your plans. The Dean for Study Abroad signs Summer Course Approvals for any summer study abroad after the student has obtained approval for the class/es from the academic department.

What if I want to find an internship or work abroad after graduation or for a summer?

Please explore the Volunteering/Teaching/Interning page..

I have a disability and am interested in studying abroad. How shall I proceed?

Study abroad is a great experience for all Barnard students--and please know that the OIISP and ODS work closely to support students with any disability-related needs they may have! If you have not already done so, please register with ODS and also review our helpful access brochure, Study Abroad and Disability (PDF) which has a comprehensive list of twelve questions for study abroaders with disabilities and other useful resources..

Can I be an RA for one semester and study abroad for the other?

The first year as an RA, you must commit to being in the position for both semesters. If you return to the position for a second year, there are possibilities of being an RA for one semester. Residential Life & Housing is supportive of the Study Abroad program. To do so, there must be another RA that will be studying abroad in the opposite semester for you to “job share” with. Remember, this is not possible for your first year as an RA.

I’ll be studying abroad in the Spring and can’t make the interviews. Can I still apply to be an RA?

Yes! Please contact before November 1 to indicate you would like to apply for the position while studying abroad.

I’ll be studying abroad in the Fall and won't be on campus to attend an Information Session or turn in my application. Can I still apply to be an RA?

Yes! You will need to contact the Office of Residential Life & Housing to indicate you would like to apply for the position. They will work with you to submit an electronic application by the deadline.