Approved Programs

The tabs to the left list (by continent) the programs that are approved by Barnard's Office of International Programs.

A few things to note include:

  • Before searching for a program, please review Barnard's language requirement.
  • When researching on the websites of U.S. institutions search for study abroad programs or international programs but while researching on the websites of foreign institutions search for visiting students or international students.
  • Approval of a program is not the same as approval of classes.
  • If you plan to take courses for major credit, you are encouraged to review your choices with your department prior to application.
  • If you plan to study abroad during the summer, please consult the Office of the Registrar's summer course approval information. The Dean for Study Abroad signs Summer Course Approvals for any summer study abroad after the student has obtained approval for the class/es from the academic department.