All students studying abroad on a Barnard approved program are charged Barnard tuition and a study abroad fee. These fees should be paid to Barnard through payment of the Barnard Bursar's bill (due August 1 for Fall and December 1 for Spring). Barnard will then forward payment to your study abroad program for their tuition only.

Unlike tuition and Barnard fees, room, board and other charges vary from program to program. Students are responsible for paying all non-tuition fees (primarily room and board charges) directly to their particular study abroad program. If, for example, you were attending Brown University's program in Florence, you would receive a bill from Brown for program fees, and room and board charges for the semester and would be responsible for paying Brown directly. If you have Barnard grant/ loan funding over and above the amount of tuition and fee charges from Barnard, you may request a refund which can then be used to pay for Brown's room and board.  The refund request form is available on the Bursar website. It should be completed and submitted to Barnard's Bursar before you leave the U.S.

You will also want to budget for visa fees, international airfare, in-country travel, books and everyday expenses (such as shampoo or an occasional movie.)

If you receive financial aid, please consult Barnard's Financial Aid Website to learn how to ensure that your financial aid will travel with you. All students considering studying abroad must make an appointment with a financial aid officer prior to their departure to discuss their financial aid.

Finally, many programs require a deposit to secure your place once you have accepted your offer of admission. You are responsible for paying this fee (usually not more than $500.) Then the program/university will subtract this fee from the total you owe them for all things non-tuition. Be sure the program subtracts this fee from your part of the bill and not the tuition. Sometimes you can contact the program to see if they would be willing to waive the deposit knowing that Barnard will be paying your tuition in full.  In other words, the deposit amount is not above and beyond that which is advertised as the total amount on the website. It is simply an advance payment which will be deducted off your final bill from the institution abroad.