Global Symposium Student Fellows

Meet our 2016 Global Symposium Student Fellows 

The Global Symposium Student Fellows program has three major components: (1) Fellows play an important part in the preparations for, and promotion of, the annual Global Symposium; (2) Fellows develop and facilitate, with guidance from the Athena Center for Leadership Studies, a workshop on leadership for high school girls, to be held both on our campus and in Paris; and (3) Fellows attend the Global Symposium and related events and provide logistical support for the event. Fellows will also help develop ways to continue the conversations that develop at the Global Symposium and to share them with the greater Barnard community on campus.

We encourage all current Barnard students to stay tuned for ways to engage with the Global Symposium here on campus. 

In the videos below, students share their experiences as Global Symposium Fellows, including trips to Paris, Mumbai, Rio De Janeiro and São Paolo, as well as the Young Women's Leadership workshop: