Acceptance to VISP



Above is an interactive map of where VISP students are visiting from during the Spring 2017 semester.

Preparing for your semester at Barnard

Once you are accepted to VISP, you will receive an email from the Office of International and Intercultural Student Programs with information on the visa application process.

Then, please download the acceptance packet to the right, which includes required forms and information on:

  • housing
  • meal plans
  • medical forms and insurance
  • setting up your Barnard email account
  • what to bring
  • arrival information
  • advice from former VISP students

and much more.

Please use this simplified "To Do List" below as a guide to help you prepare for your semester at Barnard.

Date To-do
Fall 2016 Apply for your J-1 visa
November 23 Dining Services contract due
December 1 Housing Application due
November 2 Submit adviser and ambassador survey online
December 1 Payment due IN FULL
December 16 Submit required health information forms
As soon as possible Activate your myBarnard/email; activate UNI; submit ID photo; complete online forms via myBarnard
As soon as possible Submit your flight information online
January 10 Move-in to your residence hall
January 11 Orientation begins

Choosing courses for your VISP semester

You will not register for courses until you arrive on campus in January 2017. Courses which VISP students are eligible to take while at Barnard include:

  • Courses designated BC, C, R, V, and W
  • Courses numbered from 1000 through 4999
  • VISP students are not eligible to take any course designated G, K, I, J U or any other letter, or any course number beginning with 6000 or higher

Please note that you are welcome to search for courses but you should plan to work closely with your academic advisor during Orientation to put together an appropriate program. The Columbia online catalogue includes courses from Columbia, Barnard, and even some graduate schools. Remember, undergraduate students may not enroll in graduate school courses, unless they meet the guidelines listed above.

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions for even more helpful information as you prepare for your semester at Barnard.