Resources and Student Services

VISP-Specific Resources

When they first arrive on campus, VISP students will participate in a special track of Barnard’s New Student Orientation Program that will integrate them into campus life, introduce them to other new students at Barnard and also address concerns and questions specific to VISP. The VISP Extended Orientation Program follows Barnard’s general New Student Orientation Program, adding additional sessions throughout the spring semester to help VISP students adjust to life at Barnard. These events include:

Welcome meeting specifically for VISP students

Individual Advising Appointments with a faculty member or academic dean

Sessions on American Culture, Culture Shock, American Slang and Colloquial English 

Sessions on Public Speaking, Writing Papers, Study Skills

Barnard Reach Out (BRO)— VISP students will be eligible to participate in a variety of community service projects on the final day of NSOP. This is a great way to start becoming familiar with various neighborhoods in New York City, to get to know other visiting students, and to meet other Barnard students and faculty/staff. The program is modeled on Barnard’s well-known programs for first-year and transfer students during fall Orientation.

Prior to coming to Barnard, VISP students will be matched with a Visiting International Student Ambassador (VISA), a current Barnard student interested in introducing VISP students to the Barnard campus, to the University, and to New York. Ambassadors will be matched for the entire semester, and are available to the incoming students before the semester begins, to answer questions and give advice.

All VISP students will also be assigned a full-time faculty member to assist them in choosing and signing up for courses when they arrive.

All VISP students are eligible to take an American Language Course through Columbia’s ALP. Placement will be determined upon arrival; depending on TOEFL/IELTS scores, some students may be required to take a course through ALP.

Throughout the semester, VISP students will have the option of participating in:

  • Monthly food and cultural festivals sponsored by VISP students from different countries, in collaboration with various Barnard offices and student cultural groups
  • Sporting/Cultural Events on and off-campus
  • And much more!

General Campus Resources

VISP students have access to the same services and support as all Barnard students, including but not limited to:

Academic Support Services: Academic support is available to all VISP students via the Academic Support Services Center.

Computing and Email at Barnard

Honor Code

Disability Services

Primary Care Health Services

Counseling Services

Alcohol and Substance Awareness Program (ASAP)


Student Life

New Student Orientation Program