Frequently Asked Questions

Under what circumstances do I need to contact the sponsored research office when applying for external funding?

Barnard College requires you to come through our office for all external funded projects whether or not a funding agency requires institutional submission.  It’s also to your advantage to have us help you with the proposal requirements and submission.  Every proposal must also be approved by our Provost and Dean of the Faculty, Linda A. Bell.

At what point in the proposal process should I contact you?

The earlier the better!  Whether you’re just starting to look for funding opportunities, or have already indentified a grant opportunity, please stop by our office or send us an email to set up a meeting.  The sooner we can help you the better we can help you.

What kind of help do you provide?

We help find relevant grant opportunities for faculty.  We also aid in the grant application process from the abstract to submitting the proposal.  For example, if you need help with creating the budget, we’ll sit down with you and crunch out the numbers.  Our office also presents several useful grants workshops throughout the academic year.

What if I have a question about a funding opportunity?

Communicate with the funder's program officers directly.  It’s best to contact them early on in the process and follow up with them regarding your proposal as questions arise.  We’re also happy to help you find answers to your questions as well.  However, it serves you well to establish rapport with the program officer from the get go.

What’s the best time to submit the grant?

It’s always best to submit a few days early to avoid the last minute rush.  Ideally, we would like to submit the grant three days before the deadline especially in the case of an electronic submission.  By submitting early, we can address any technical glitches or errors that happen during submission time.