On the Natural Resources Defence Council's OnEarth blog, environmental science major and Athena Leadership Scholar Gabriella Spitzer ’13 writes about Storm King Arts Center, a 500-acre sculpture park in the Hudson Highlands. An excerpt:

"In 1960, father and son team Ralph E. Ogden and Peter Stern established Storm King Art Center as a museum dedicated to the Hudson River School paintings. They began to collect sculptures to place around the outside of the building. When the art center purchased thirteen works by David Smith in 1966, they had an aha moment, realizing that placing the art in the landscape enhances the art and the landscape, and ever since then, art has been placed with its immediate surroundings as well as its far off landscape in mind."

Read Spitzer's full article about Storm King and the relationship it fosters between art and the environment. The post was originally written for Barnard's Environmental Leadership, Ethics and Action course.