Barnard Club of Los Angeles Welcomes The Class of 2013

Members of the Class of 2013 met in their hometown of Los Angeles two weeks before moving to New York. From the left are Morgan Marmaro, Morgan Somerset, Jenny Ostendorf, Shelby Layne, and Natalia Quintero.

Alumnae Barbi Appelquist ’98, Laura Hertzfeld ’01, Beth Wightman ’87, Noessa Higa ’98, Vicki Curry ’90 and others welcomed members of the Class of 2013.

First-year students Brittany Richmond, Leila Stegemoeller, and Charlotte Fassler at the Los Angeles reception.

On Sunday, August 16, Anne and Robert Sacks, parents of Kate Sacks ’11, welcomed alumnae and parents to their home to congratulate the incoming Class of 2013. The reception gave new students from the Los Angeles area a chance to get to know one another before meeting on campus, and parents a chance to be welcomed into the Barnard community.