The Huffington Post highlights Unigo's Top 10 Colleges with the Happiest Students, which includes Barnard at number two. An excerpt:

"A top-notch women’s liberal arts college under the umbrella of Columbia University, Barnard gives its small, elite population access to stellar faculty, lots of encouragement and attention, and everything New York City has to offer. Although its campus is small—-only four square city blocks—-the school’s 2,300 students can take advantages of all of Columbia’s resources, including classes, libraries, dining halls, sports teams, sororities and publications, without having to be subjected to its rigid core curriculum.

Ellie, a Freshman at Barnard, couldn't be more pleased. "Students at Barnard are genuinely happy- happy to study, happy to be together, happy to be at Barnard. It is a self-selecting group, women who want to learn in a academic environment and learn from each other. It makes Barnard a pleasant and, moreover, inspiring place to be.""

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