On Campus: North & South Reunite

Margaret Tang ’11, Inga Thiessen ’08, James Runsdorf, junior class dean and associate dean of studies, and Kaley Hanenkrat ’11

Joyce Lewandowski, senior associate director for college activities, and Christina Kuan-Tsu ’83, sophomore class dean and dean for pre-law advising

First-year Dean Lisa Hollibaugh, Jackie Rossiter ’13, and Kelsey Umemoto ’13

Crowded Lehman Lawn with the new Diana Center in the background

The recently opened walkway still protected by scaffolding

Vivian Taylor, vice president of community development and chief of staff, shares a laugh with Lucia Mattox ’10.

This year’s annual Barnard Block party, a barbecue organized by the College Activities Office, as always celebrated the first day of classes. This year the event marked two additional noteworthy occasions: the party’s return to Lehman Lawn from the Quad, and the official opening of the walkway reuniting the north and south ends of the campus. With the Diana Center nearing completion, the wall that surrounded the building site has been removed, and once again, there is an outdoor on-campus corridor joining the Lehman Walk with the Milbank Courtyard. In addition to the block party’s tasty array of comestibles, class deans were on hand to greet students, answer questions, and hand out Barnard tote bags. “Lehman Lawn was wonderful and quite festive,” said Vivian Taylor, vice president of community development and chief of staff. It was a spirited beginning to the academic year.

-Photographs by Martina Szarek '08