Read CNN producer Rose Arce's '86 personal account of raising her daughter in a community where Latinas are stereotyped as nannies, rather than mothers.  From the article:

"I've been mistaken for babysitters all my life -- or waitresses, sales clerks, even the occasional cleaning lady -- but it's a whole new experience to have it happen in front of my child.

It's not that there are no Latinos in Manhattan who wouldn't upset the stereotypes. There are just too few of us in the upper middle class universe where I live who aren't, well, babysitting or selling things. I get where this idea originated. I even understand why little kids are so frank."

Arce is a senior producer at CNN and a contributor to Mamiverse, a website for Latinas and their families. She is leading the upcoming documentary "In Her Corner -- Latino in America" about a Mexican American amateur boxer, Marlen Esparza, fighting to become the first woman to box at the Olympic Games.