Assistant Professor of Political Science Séverine Autesserre's recent journal article “Dangerous Tales: Dominant Narratives on the Congo and their Unintended Consequences” made headlines in numerous publications including The Huffington Post and the Foreign Policy Association Blog:

An excerpt:

"Why, despite hosting the largest and most expensive peacekeeping mission in the world, does violence persist in the Congo? This is the central question for Séverine Autesserre, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Barnard College, Columbia University, and expert on the Congo. Her new article is published in the most recent issue of African Affairs, and features ethnographic data from a recently completed year-long research trip to the troubled eastern Congo."

Prof. Autesserre's research on Congo was also referenced in The New York Times.  Joining Barnard’s faculty in 2007, Autesserre teaches and does research on civil wars, peacebuilding and peacekeeping, humanitarian aid and African politics. She also conducts a senior research seminar on civil wars and peace settlements at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs.

She has traveled to the Congo regularly since 2001 and has worked with international humanitarian and development agencies in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Nicaragua, India and the United States over the past 12 years.  Prof. Autesserre recently won the 2012 University of Louisville Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order for the ideas set forth in her book, “The Trouble with the Congo: Local Violence and the Failure of International Peacebuilding.”