In The New York Daily News, Dance Department administrator Sandra Velásquez talks about her bilingual children's music group Moona Luna and their popular song, "Hay que trabajar (We All Have to Work)":

"It's one thing to write about social issues and heartbreak for Pistolera, her adult Latin alternative-folk band; it's another to sing that "we all have to work because that's how life is" for Moona Luna, her year-old bilingual children's music group.

But Velásquez, the mother of 3 1/2-year-old Valentina, who is also an administrative assistant at Barnard College, knew better.

"Don't worry," she recalled telling her manager. "All the parents in the world are going to thank me for this song, because they are all in the same situation that I am."

The dance-inducing tune has become a favorite of her kiddy fans, while the children's music blog praised it for being "the first song which explains the difference between working and playing and why both are important.""