The Diana Center

Liz’s Place, named for Elizabeth Yeh Singh ’88, the public café on the ground floor is the place for snacks and light meals.

Sunlight floods the west stairway.

Lower Level Lobby: Access to The Diana Center is available from the College’s tunnel system. This lobby also serves the Glicker-Milstein Theatre.

The Architecture Studio: From the fourth floor, the architecture studio has sweeping views of the campus. The studio houses the undergraduate program serving both Barnard and Columbia.

The Glicker-Milstein Theatre: A state of the art performance facility, the Glicker-Milstein Theatre, offers reconfigurable seating for 100. Enhancing the theatre facilities at the Diana is the Dasha Amsterdam Epstein ’53 Theatre Workshop.

The Event Oval: The wood-paneled, acoustically sophisticated Event Oval is a 500-seat space for large gatherings, public lectures, seminars, and celebrations.

“ artful, airy building that harmonizes and attracts notice at the same time. A double wall of etched glass, backed by painted panels, translates the palette of its brick neighbors into a façade that slips by degrees from transparency to opaqueness. The hue responds to the quality of daylight, shading from rust, brick, and brazen orange to a pale, warm copper. It takes nerve to design with color in our muted city, and even greater confidence to fuse vividness and subtlety.”
— Justin Davidson, New York Magazine, March 7, 2010

Many words have been spoken and much copy has been written about The Diana Center, the first building to be constructed on campus since 1987. Faculty, staff, and students have all watched the process; even alumnae not in the immediate vicinity of Morningside Heights could see the day- to-day, nitty-gritty of construction on the Barnard website. Barnard students have embraced The Diana Center and made it their own; the architects, Weiss/Manfredi, have seen their work examined and praised in the press. Generous donors and supporters were on hand as Diana Touliatou Vagelos ’55, its namesake, cut the blue ribbon and officially opened this modern marvel (Turn to page 6). Now, we can savor its beauty and awesomeness in this photographic portfolio by Paul Warchol; come see the Diana for yourself at Reunion 2010.