Filtered Water Fountain & Bottle Filling Locations

Filtered Water Fountain & Bottle Filling Locations Map

Save Your Pennies - Save the Planet

NYC tap water as recently confirmed by the US Environmental Protection Agency is one of  the highest-quality and best-tasting water in the world.  And it costs you (almost) nothing!

Mayor Bloomberg has determined that NYC tap water is so much better than bottled water that he has banned bottled water in city buildings.

Drinking two liters of NYC tap water every day will cost you just about 50¢ a year, whereas drinking two liters of bottled water a day will cost more than $1,400 a year!

Most importantly, because 47 million gallons of fossil fuels are used to produce all the plastic bottles Americans use each year -- which results in one billion pounds of CO2 added to the atmosphere -- each time you drink NYC water instead of a bottled alternative, you are protecting our environment in a major way and helping to curb the impact of climate change.

As an alternative to purchasing bottled water, use a reusable bottle and fill it with New York City tap water.