The impetus for the project came from a long standing desire to outfit Barnard students, who like my friends at Barnard did, struggle to buy professional clothing for interviews and jobs. Professional presentation is key to a good interview.  Professional attire, especially suits, however, are expensive and beyond the reach of many college students.  To give Barnard students the best chance of success, my friend Cynthia Rosario (BC Class of 2005) and I collaborated with the Career Development Office and collected lightly worn suits for the Suitable Suits Program, which lends suits to students for interviews.  Our initial goal was 20 suits, but thanks to the generosity of our friends and families, we collected 35 suits in a week. The collection expanded Barnard's Suitable Suits Program stock, making more suits available to students - and in different styles. 
The next step is to create an enduring relationship with a women's clothing company and the Suitable Suits Program.  If any alumnae have connections to women's clothing company, please contact me or Purnima Taylor at the Career Development Office.