By Kaiama L. Gover

Liverpool University Press, 2011

Haiti has long been relegated to the margins of the so-called New World. Marked by exceptionalism, the voices of some of its most important writers have consequently been muted by the geopolitical realities of the nation's fraught history. In Haiti Unbound, Kaiama L. Glover offers a close look at the works of three such writers: the Haitian Spiralists Frankétienne, Jean-Claude Fignolé, and René Philoctète. While Spiralism has been acknowledged as a crucial contribution to the French-speaking Caribbean literary tradition, it has not been given the sustained attention of a full-length study. Glover's book represents the first effort to consider the works of the three Spiralist authors both individually and collectively, filling an important gap in postcolonial Francophone and Caribbean studies.