Founder and Editor of the blog FBomb Julie Zeilinger ’15 spoke with Chelsea Clinton on “The Digital Lives of Girls” panel during the Women in the World Summit, a production of Newsweek and The Daily Beast.  The discussion was devoted to how young, socially conscious women are using the Internet to spur innovation. Watch an excerpt of the panel during which Zeilinger talks about defining feminism here.

The Daily Beast also profiled Zeilinger and her efforts in "Championing Teenage Feminism-One Blog Post at a Time."  An excerpt:

"Zeilinger understands that what she does helps young women, many of whom might not come to feminism otherwise, and she loves the interaction with real girls through posts, comments, tweets, and speaking engagements. But the most meaningful interaction she’s had, she says, was with a young Jordanian girl who wrote for FBomb about hijabs and honor killings. Fearing for her own safety, the girl wrote under a pseudonym to disguise her liberated feminist writings from her insular community. Zeilinger says publishing these writings is the most rewarding moment of her work with FBomb to date."