Misty, Water-Colored Memories

How times have changed (“Remembering the Barnard Bears,” Spring 2009). I transferred to Barnard in 1958 after two years at Radcliffe and [married] a Columbia man. After one year, I dropped out to work and had three babies. In 1967, I reenrolled on a part-time schedule.

I was managing to hold it all together— classwork, kids, working—when, in the fall of 1968, I received a call from a very nice woman in the physical education department, “Dear, are you planning to matriculate?” I probably made some flip comment, “No, I’m just doing this for fun!”

It turns out I still had one more year of gym requirements (Radcliffe only required one year) if I wanted to get my degree. Not being the world’s most athletic woman, but being able to swim pretty well, I elected to take speed swimming. and guess what, that twice-a-week speed swimming class was the Barnard Swim Team. So there I was, 10 years older than my teammates, competing for Barnard with such schools as Queens College, CCNY, and Fairleigh Dickinson. We had absolutely no training other than those two hours in the pool. and the pool was basically a big bathtub—certainly not regulation size. I swam the medley and the backstroke, even winning a couple times.

I have very fond memories of those swim meets. I often took my kids with me and can still hear those shrill little voices shouting, “Go, Mommy!”

—Damaris Walsh McGuire ’70

Albany, NY


An Eye Askance

I received the latest issue of the magazine (Summer 2009), and while I always enjoy receiving and reading them, it is very hard, if not nearly impossible, to read the script that is printed in the light pumpkin color first printed under “Fête accompli” on page 6. I would greatly appreciate it if you would henceforth print in colors that best compliment what you are trying to achieve yet provide the greatest fun of reading rather than making [a reader] strain to enjoy the printed word.

—Nancy l. Wilson ’70

Coral Gables, FL Barnard Magazine gets better and better, but

I have one complaint: the print in light yellow on several pages (“alumnae Honors,” “Eye on Reunion,” etc.) is very hard to read, not enough contrast. Or am I just showing my age?

—Stephanie lam Pollack ’53

Del Ray Beach, FL

Editors’ note: We received several notes of concern regarding the color of the type in the Reunion issue, and we wish to assure our readers that will not be using such pale colors in future issues.