ODS November 2011 Newsletter

It is hard to believe that we are now beyond the official mid-point of the FA'11 term--and hope that everyone had a restful and restorative break last week! As veteran students well know--the coming weeks will seem to fly by--so please take a deep yoga cleansing breath as we had into the remaining six weeks of the semester. Feel free to call Susan Linn (212/854-4634) to set up a time to meet with ODS LD Coordinator Okie Hrycak to learn new strategies to help you work smarter—with tips for time management, organization, study skills and/or test-talking. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

LIME Connect Career Event TONITE: Tue 11/15, 6:30-7:30pm in 501 Lerner

Come to an important networking event to learn about internships, scholarships, the Lime Connect Fellowship Program and professional development opportunities for talented students with disabilities. With sponsorship from Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Pepsico, Google, Target and Goldman Sachs--this is a great opportunity! Please see the flyer emailed to all ODS-registered students--or rsvp directly to jennifer.larussoleung@limeconnect.com.

Early reminder: TAF (Test Accommodations Form) check-ins

It's never too early to be thinking about finals--so in advance of a formal notice that Susan L will be sending out--please mark your calendars that the final deadline for making arrangements for any and all test accommodations will be Fri Dec 2 at 4pm. Please remember that the TAF deadline was Sept 30--so this reminder is for all students who currently have one or more TAFs on file with ODS. Thanks for being pro-active--we really appreciate it!

SP'12 Program Filing Deadline: Mon 11/21 at 6pm!

We're delighted that a number of students have already made appointments to talk with us about their course selection for the coming semester: how to review what your disability-related needs are, what you have learned about yourself this term, and finding ways to achieve balance for yourself both in and outside of the classroom. ODS has a very helpful brochure, *Disability and Program Planning* which can be obtained in hard-copy from ODS or online on the publications link of our website (barnard.edu/ods).

Marsteller Internship Career Panel: Thur Dec 1, 6-7pm in Career Development

Are you interested in having an internship in SP'12 or next summer? What have been your experiences with self-disclosing and discussing your disability-related needs in the workplace? As many of you already know--and with a total of 15 Marsteller grants provided in SP'11, Summer'11 and FA'11--the Marsteller Internship Program was established for Barnard students with disabilities and provides stipends for a variety of internship opportunities of at least 8-10 weeks in duration. Please join us for a lively panel discussion co-sponsored by ODS and Career Development--learn from current and past grant recipients--and perhaps become a future recipient yourself! For further info, contact Valerie Chow in Career Development or Susan Quinby in ODS. Hope to see you on December 1!