A new play by Lila Feinberg '07 captures the experience of heart transplant patients, writes The Wall Street Journal.  From the article:

"At a rehearsal space at Playwrights Horizons on 42nd Street last Sunday, four guests sat in with the cast of performers that had gathered for readings of two new 20-minute plays. Two of the guests, Candace Moose and Robert Milo, had received heart transplants at Columbia University Medical Center in 2001 and 2003, respectively, and the plays are based, albeit loosely, on their experiences as patients. They were hearing them now for the first time, and their spouses were seated beside them, squeezing their hands when certain lines were a bit too reflective of their real-life experiences."

Feinberg's play, Night Float, is sponsored by Relational Medicine Foundation and Dr. Mario Deng, as part of the Emotion Theater Pilot Project. Read the full article here.