On Saturday, April 16, Barnard history professor Deborah Coen will participate in Walls & Bridges' "Fairs of Knowledge" series, which aim to create bridges between specialists and the general public, these fairs are designed to encourage an informal, social, and open mode of learning. This season’s Fair for Knowledge on “Clouds” will take place at Jo's restaurant, where diners can also order some food for thought—in the form of a conversation with scholar Lytle Shaw, historian Deborah Coen, essayist Pierre Pachet, computer scientist Luc Steels, essayist Ginger Strand or philosopher Carole Talon-Hugon—to be served at their table along with their meal.

Professor Deborah Coen will speak about the standardization of cloud classification in the early twentieth century. "How did such a varied and transient entity as the cloud become an object of scientific investigation? The standardization of cloud classification circa 1900 represents a remarkable negotiation between international scientific expertise and local common sense."

Saturday April 16, 11:00am
Jo's Restaurant
264 Elizabeth Street at Houston St, 10012-5512 New York
Tickets/Reservations: 212 966 9640