"The Stone," a New York Times opinion forum on contemporary philosophy issues, features a video interview with philosophy professor Fred Neuhouser. From The New York Times:

Fred Neuhouser is the chair of the department of philosophy at Barnard College. We interviewed Mr. Neuhouser because of his recent work on theodicy in Rousseau’s thought. Theodicy, in its Christian form asks how we can reconcile God’s omniscience, omnipotence, and omni-goodness with the prevalence of suffering and evil in our world. More generally, the impulse behind theodicy is to raise the questions of whether and how existence as such can be affirmed. It is rare to find thinkers who take such questions seriously. We were struck by the honesty with which Neuhouser struggled with our questions; his responses and body language made clear that philosophy is not merely an academic pursuit for him, but rather something that touches upon his own existence."

Watch Prof. Neuhouser's interview on The New York Times website.