In The New York Times, read about Dr. Julia Chase-Brand, a former Barnard faculty member who is heralded as a pioneer in women's road racing.  An excerpt:

"“I consider Julia the first true American woman road racer,” said Amby Burfoot, a longtime editor at Runner’s World magazine who won the Manchester Road Race nine times, as well as the 1968 Boston Marathon.

“She competed in a big race under the full glare of worldwide publicity and she ran fast,” Burfoot said. “She wasn’t an oddball looking for publicity. She was a dedicated, well-trained athlete looking for an outlet for her talent.”

Chase-Brand has since experienced groundbreaking moments in biology and medicine in a diverse life that seems as populated with florid characters as a Doctorow novel."

Dr. Chase-Brand taught in the biology department at Barnard from 1976 until 1996.