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In a recent episode of the Dare to Use the F-Word podcast, President Debora Spar talks with feminist media activist Jamia Wilson about how the drive for perfection affects young women today. Following the interview, President Spar shared her thoughts on the direction of feminism for the next generation.

French professor reviews a new anthology of 18th century French poetry

History professor reflects on Mandela’s influence around the world

Sherry Lansing to Receive Ziskin Lifetime Achievement Award

Political science professor receives African Politics Conference Group Award and provides commentary for international media.


Playing Liesl Von Trapp, Barnard junior performs in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

At Barnard, students study the performing arts intellectually and critically, while immersing themselves in practice on campus and in the wider world of New York City.

History professor shares little-known history of the Founding Fathers’ financial circumstances