Frances SadlerHello Ladies,

I hope this letter finds you well. I think I have recovered from the whirlwind of activities that was Barnard reunion 2010. The availability of The Diana Center for many events was a treasure. After a couple of years of “creating” spaces for reunion events because of construction, having the center and a scaffold-free campus really enhanced the reunion experience.

Some event formats such as the awards presentation were changed and worked well; the Alumnae Association’s close working relationship with the Office of Career Development was highlighted by the variety of career-oriented workshops on the program; and the buzz about the opening of the Athena Center for the Leadership Studies and the new course offerings open to all women was electric. Most importantly, i saw a tapestry of women—all ages, races, sizes, and shapes—laughing, hugging old friends, and talking a mile a minute about what’s been happening in their lives for the past five, 15, 25, or 50 years! None of this would have been possible without the careful planning of the Reunion Committee, the staff of alumnae affairs and a legion of students who made sure that everything happened according to plan.

President Spar announced at reunion that Dorothy Urman Denburg ’70, dean of the College, is moving into a new role. She is now Barnard’s vice president for college relations and will oversee Alumnae Affairs, Career Development, and Pre-College Programs. Although Dorothy’s undergraduate days and my own overlapped, we didn’t know each other then. However, like many other alumnae, we have gotten to know each other as more mature adults and find ourselves with so many common experiences, goals, and values that our mutual respect and friendship has continued to develop. In her various roles at the College, Dorothy has relationships with generations of Barnard women creating and supporting programs that have made the body of Barnard alumnae engaged and influential in their communities around the world. The AABC board of directors and alumnae affairs are looking forward to our new relationship with an old friend.

Some dedicated volunteers will meet over the summer to update the strategic plan, orient the new committee chairs, and plan for Leadership assembly (October 7-8). In preparation for the new academic year, there are two things I would like you to do: 1) contact alumnae affairs if you are ready to volunteer; 2) get in touch or stay in touch with a Barnard sister. The summer seems to go so quickly, so enjoy every minute.

As ever, Frances L. Sadler ’72

-photograph by Elena Seibert '78