In The New York Times, read a review of The Barnard Project at New York Live Arts, an annual collaboration that connects dance students to the professional world by commissioning premieres from four cutting-edge choreographers.  An excerpt:

"The name of the partnering theater may have changed to New York Live Arts from Dance Theater Workshop, but the rest of the Barnard Project remains the same. Dance students from Barnard College and Columbia University get to work with experienced choreographers for a semester. The choreographers get rehearsal space and their pick of dancers. Audiences get a crapshoot. (But don’t they always?)

Though the four choreographers this year were all over the map stylistically, serendipity gave the Thursday night opening several common features: collage audio scores, dancers rearranging other dancers’ limbs, and a whole lot of shaking."

Read the full review here.  Also view a photo of dance student Julia Discenza in Sidra Bell's "Mass Observation."