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Haiti Noir
Edited by Edwidge Danticat ’90
Akashic Books, 2011, $24.95

Come and Find Me
by Hallie Ephron (Trouger) ’69
William Morrow, 2011, $24.99

The Love of My Youth
by Mary Gordon ’71, Millicent C. McIntosh Professor in English and Writing
Random House, 2011, $25.95

by Léna (Madeleine Jones) Roy ’90
Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2010, $16.99

To Algeria, with Love
by Suzanne Frank Ruta ’61
Virago, 2012, $11.40

Goodie One Shoes
by Roz (Leventhal) Siegel ’62
Hilliard & Harris, 2010, $18.95

Silk Egg
by Eileen Tabios ’82
Shearsman Books, 2011, $17

Young Readers

Taina Wants to Salsa
by Jo Anne Valle ’92
CreateSpace, 2010, $9.95


Another Word for Love
by Sarah Gribetz Stern ’86
Finishing Line Press, 2011, $14


Interior Graphic Standards
by Corky (Bingley) Binggeli ’69 and Patricia Greichen
Wiley, 2010, $225

Kaare Klint
by Gorm Harkær, translated by Martha Gaber Abrahamsen ’69
Klintiana (Copenhagen, Denmark), 2011, $233

Body Shots: Hollywood and the Culture of Eating Disorders
by Emily Fox-Kales ’64
SUNY Press, 2011, $22.95

Estate Planning Smarts: A Practical, User-Friendly, Action-Oriented Guide
by Deborah L. Jacobs ’77
DJ Working Unlimited, 2010, $19.95

Mixing Minds: The Power of Relationship in Psychoanalysis and Buddhism
by Pilar Jennings ’88
Wisdom Publications, 2010, $18.95

The Everything U.S. Constitution Book: An easy-to-understand explanation of the foundation of American government
by Ellen M. Kozak ’65
Adams Media, 2011, $16.95

The Accidental Anarchist
by Bryna (Wincelberg) Kranzler ’80
Crosswalk Press, 2010, $18

Illuminating Childhood: Portraits in Fiction, Film, and Drama
by Ellen Handler Spitz ’61
University of Michigan Press, 2011, $35

Sempre Susan: A Memoir of Susan Sontag
by Sigrid Nunez ’72
Atlas, 2011, $20

Reading Women: How the Great Books of Feminism Changed My Life
by Stephanie Staal ’93
Public Affairs, 2011, $15.95

Naked City: The Death and Life of Authentic Urban Places
by Sharon Zukin ’67
Oxford University Press, 2010, $27.95