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In The King’s Arms
by Sonia Taitz ’75
McWitty Press, 2011, $13.95
by Florence Wetzel ’84
iUniverse, 2011, $16.95


The Night the Moon Went Out
by Pia Fiedler ’87
PublishAmerica, 2011, $24.95
Cooking for Change: Tales from a Food Service Training Academy
by Doris (Platzker) Friedensohn '58
Full Court Press, 2011, $25
Welcome to Bordertown
coedited by Ellen Kushner ’77 and Holly Black
Random House Books for Young Readers, 2011, $19.99


The Next American Revolution: Sustainable Activism for the Twenty-First Century
by Grace (Chin) Lee Boggs ’35 and Scott Kurashige
University of California Press, 2011, $24.95
Baltimore '68: Riots and Rebirth in an American City
coedited by Jessica Elfenbein ’84, Thomas Hollowak, and Elizabeth Nix
Temple University Press, 2011, $29.95
Persecution, Plague, and Fire: Fugitive Histories of the Stage in Early Modern England
by Ellen MacKay ’94
University of Chicago Press, 2011, $40.00
Say NO to Aging : How Nitric Oxide Prolongs Life
by Arlene Bradley Levine ’75 and T. Barry Levine, 2011, $29.95
Make It Your Business: Dare to Climb the Ladder of Leadership
by Sylvia M. Montero '72
Front Row Press, 2011, $19.95
In the Words of Women: The Revolutionary War and the Birth of the Nation, 1765 - 1799
by Louise V. (Hunningher) North ’62, Janet M. Wedge, and Landa M. Freeman
Rowman and Littlefield, 2001, $90
Blood Will Tell: Vampires as Political Metaphors Before World War I
by Sara Libby Robinson ’01
Academic Studies Press, 2011, $59
William Birch: Picturing the American Scene
by Emily T. Cooperman and Lea Carson Sherk ’65
University of Pennsylvania Press, 2010, $75
The Way of the Happy Woman
by Sara Avant Stover ’99
New World Library, 2011, $15.95


Milk A Local and Global History
by Deborah Valenze, Professor of European History and European Studies
Yale University Press, 2011, $28


Transatlantic Tales
by Faye-Ellen Silverman ’68
Albany Records, 2011, $15.97
Souvenir of You – New Lyrics to Benny Carter Classics
by Benny Carter, Hilma Ollila Carter ’45, and Deborah Pearl ’72, $8.99