Frances SadlerTo paraphrase a salutation from beloved and retired Barnard administrator Doris Miller: “Hello, beautiful Barnard women!”

I don’t know where the time went, but we are nearing the end of another wildly successful academic year at Barnard. Everyone (including me) is looking forward to Commencement and our speaker, Meryl Streep, with great anticipation. Once again, the Alumnae Association will present this year’s graduates with a small gift to welcome them into our midst as members. I think that makes it a tradition. As the new graduates return home or venture out into the world for jobs or continued education, please reach out to welcome them into your area and into your workplaces.

Over the past few months, the Alumnae Board of Directors has reviewed our bylaws. I would like to acknowledge the enormous contribution of Binta Brown ’95, who chaired the committee and guided a very thoughtful discussion of these bylaws, and Mark Collins of the College’s General Counsel office. The Board also deserves thanks for their insight and input to make the document a living guide for our work.

At this year’s annual meeting at Reunion, the Alumnae Association will review our charter. Proposed amendments include:

                  • updating the purpose clause to reflect that our membership encompasses all alumnae in good standing, although some are not necessarily “graduates”

                  • updating the number of board members

                  • clarifying the date of the annual meeting

These changes will ensure that our operation is aligned with the bylaws. I hope you will join us at the annual meeting (see the notice below for details) and all the other Reunion events, June 3–6.

By now, those of you in a milestone reunion year have received your invitation to Reunion 2010. Even if this is not a milestone year for you, I encourage you and your guests to attend. It is a great time for classmates to get together and have a mini- reunion or to see The Diana Center and hear from faculty and President Spar about what’s happened at Barnard and the exciting plans for the future. Every event I attend on campus leaves me energized by the incredible spirit of the bright, beautiful women of all ages who have attended the College over the years. I look forward to seeing you there.

As ever,

Frances Sadler ’72

-Photograph by Elena Seibert '78