Barnard College Commencement
Monday, May 14, 2012
New York City

Photo: David Wentworth/Barnard College

Jordana Kaminetsky:  Congratulations on graduating and making it to this big day.  I’m Jordana Kaminetsky…

Eileen Smith:…and I’m Eileen Smith, and we are your Senior Fund Co-Chairs.  [Applause.]

Jordana Kaminetsky: This year, our class voted to donate to the Bear Essentials Fund which helps Barnard students who are unable to afford the start-up costs of college not covered by traditional financial aid, including basic necessities such as sheets, winter clothes and school supplies. 

Eileen Smith: We ask each of you to leave your mark on Barnard by giving to the 2012 Senior Fund. As of today, our class has raised $7,000 and reached 48 percent participation.  [Applause.] Thank you to the members of the Senior Fund Committee who worked hard all semester, to encourage our classmates to give back.

Jordana Kaminetsky:  On Wednesday, we’ll officially be alumnae and hope you’ll join Eileen and me in continuing to give back to the college for years to come. You can all take pride in the knowledge that you helped Barnard women leave their own unique mark on our campus. 

Eileen Smith: So, it is with the warmest and most heartfelt of sentiments that we say, “Thank you” to everyone who donated. Congratulations again.  [Applause.]