Since Debora Spar was officially inaugurated as president of Barnard College in October, she has brought her vision for Barnard to alumnae near and far, and returned to Morningside Heights with news of the vitality of our regional communities.

President Spar Hong KongRecent receptions in Washington, D.C., Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco were standing-room-only gatherings with alumnae having the opportunity to get acquainted with the new president. Hosted by Elizabeth Wylie Galvin ’74, Lois Champy ’67, Linda Levinson ’62, and Toby Levy ’72, respectively, these receptions were lively events where the president took questions from alumnae on a broad range of topics: Barnard’s place in Morningside Heights and the president’s goal of an international community radiating from the College, the progress of the Nexus construction, art on campus, women in leadership roles, attracting an even stronger coterie of talented and diverse faculty members, and ensuring that our students have access to financial aid.

President Spar KoreaPresident Spar took a historic tour of Asia this spring as Barnard proudly hosted the Kang Tongbi Commemorative Symposium: Women Changing China, in Beijing. The symposium on women’s leadership in China was named in honor of the first Chinese woman to attend Barnard more than 100 years ago. Moderated by President Spar, the symposium featured esteemed panelists Wu Qing, Yan Geling, Yang Lan, and Ruby Yang, and attracted more than 200 attendees, including alumnae, diplomats, parents, prospective students, university professors and officers, and many members of the media.

President Spar SeoulPrior to her stop in Beijing, President Spar went to Hong Kong where she visited with alumnae at a reception hosted by Eizelle Taino ’95. After the symposium, Spar became the first Barnard president to visit Korea. While in Seoul, she met the first Korean students to attend Barnard, Choon-Nan Lee Yoon ’51 and Ok-Yul Kim ’55 at a reception hosted by Young Ja Kim Hur ’72.