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Policy on Reporting Suspected Fraud and Abuse

Members of the Barnard College community are expected to maintain ethical standards in the performance of their responsibilities. These standards are particularly critical in the business and financial operations of the College.  To this end, the College conducts regular audits, and has established effective internal controls.  It is also important that members of the community are made aware of the ways in which they can report instances of suspected financial wrongdoing such as billing fraud, expense account abuse, kickbacks, or forgery.

In addition, in response to highly publicized instances of financial abuse in the corporate world, the Federal Government has passed legislation requiring companies to implement a series of administrative and governance changes to increase financial accountability and oversight.  Though colleges are not subject to this legislation, Barnard and many other colleges have adopted the central elements of the law. An important aspect of the legislation is the requirement to adopt effective ways for employees to report instances of financial misconduct.

How can I report suspected financial misconduct?

Any member of the Barnard College community who in good faith believes that another member of the community has engaged in financial or other practices that may violate College policies or procedures, or that may be a violation of law or ethical standards is encouraged to contact the Controller, Milbank Hall, Room 15, or they may speak directly with their supervisor or area vice-president.

Information regarding the activities of the Controller may be reported directly to the Vice President for Finance, Milbank Hall, Room 101 or to the General Counsel, Milbank Hall, Room 110a.

Information involving the President or any other Vice President or other officer of the College, may be directed to the attention of the Audit Committee, c/o the Secretary to the Board of Trustees, Milbank Hall, Room 109.

In addition, the College has developed an alternative method of reporting instances of suspected wrongdoing, fraud, waste and abuse.  The email address barnard@safe-mail.net has been established as another way to report instances of suspected wrongdoing, fraud, waste and abuse.  You do not have to reveal your identity in your email, though it is strongly encouraged so that we may follow up on the information you have provided.  Please note that barnard@safe-mail.net is not intended to be the primary means of reporting suspected misconduct.  Instead, you are encouraged to use normal reporting methods described above.

What if I only suspect fraud or abuse?

We understand that fraud and abuse can be discovered through information provided by people who do not know all of the relevant facts and circumstances of a particular situation.  That is why we will, to the best of our ability, properly investigate all credible reports of misconduct in a fair and impartial manner.

Can I be penalized for reporting a suspected problem?

No one at the College may retaliate against or take any adverse action against a person who in good faith reports suspected fraud or abuse.  Any person, however, who knowingly files a false report will be subject to the appropriate disciplinary process.

What happens once a report is made?

Barnard will investigate all reports and, to the extent that relevant and accurate information is received and confirmed, appropriate action will be taken.