Launch Week

Welcome to the 2020-2021 academic year

“As tough as things have been,” remarked President Barack Obama at Barnard’s Commencement in 2012, “I am convinced you are tougher. … I’ve seen a generation eager, impatient even, to step into the rushing waters of history and change its course.” It is with this same palpable sense of possibility, that we, your professors and fellow travelers in academic inquiry, are excited to formally present our new 2020-21 curriculum.

Across its long history as the premier college for women in New York City, Barnard has continuously reinvented itself as a progressive institution committed to intellectual rigor, creative expression, and critically engaged scholarship, alert to feminist principles of care for one another, in all our diversity, and for the social and ecological worlds that sustain us. The current challenges have prompted yet another reinvention as we respond not just logistically but also imaginatively to unfolding events.

Launch Week is an opportunity for all Barnard students, both new and returning, to drop in, visit with departments and programs, and learn about our reimagined curricular offerings. Over the past three months, we've listened to you, our students, trained with pedagogy experts, discussed core principles, and recommitted ourselves to the mission of the College. We now share with you the fruits of those efforts. Below you will find a schedule of events, Zoom links to open houses, and supplemental information to help you envision what to expect in each department and program. There are practical matters to discuss—particularly regarding campus safety, online learning, revised major requirements, and so on—but so, too, are there wider conversations to have about the vital role of academic inquiry, now more than ever. Whether you are a major, a prospective major, considering a class, or just curious, all students are welcome to attend any and all of the open houses. Join us!

Jennifer Rosales, Executive Director of the Center for Engaged Pedagogy

A Message from the Center for Engaged Pedagogy
Ready for Fall

Read special messages from each department and program, warmly welcoming you to the 2020-21 academic year and summarizing all they've done to ensure that your Barnard experience as extraordinary as it can be during these challenging times.