Photographs by Dorothy Hong

Sukanya Pusey


“I like shape, and I thought it would be cool when the lights turn on— the reflections the circles would have on the wall.”




Shelby Hettler

The Collected Poems: Sylvia Plath

“I do a poetry program in L.A. called Get Lit-Words Ignite. You recite a classic poem and a response that you wrote.”


Sarah Patafio


“They were given to me by people that are very special to me.”


Tasneem Ebrahim


“My mother packed these, along with ointments, medications, and herbs. It’s how she expresses her love.”


Sharon Mathew


“These are places I went with my family that are really special. I picked places I went with people I love.”


Serena Schneier

Ballerina jewelry stand

“It has a dancer doing an arabesque, a difficult move. It’s a representation of balance.”


Harrison Gale

A portable turntable

“I brought the classics I just can’t be without: Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours , Elvis Costello, Talking Heads.”


Maya Caicedo


“I wanted to have my guitar with me. It’s something I like to sit with and play.”


Kristina Saha

Lord Ganesh, a Hindu religious icon

“It gives me a sense of peace. Lord Ganesh is education and wisdom. This is my mini-temple.”


Gallant Zhuangli

Retro, a special bear

“My grandmother got it for me. She said it’s for college, and it’s the last stuffed animal she’ll ever get me.”