Leila Rafizadeh Bassi ’94

Alumnae Trustee

Leila is a member of the Regional Advisory Committee and former Director-at-Large for the AABC. She has served as the President of the Barnard Club of London for over five years. As an Alumnae Trustee, she serves the College as a graduate representative to the Barnard Board of Trustees.


Gloria Mamba ’89


Gloria has served as a Barnard Alumna Admissions representative, assisted with the development of the Global Symposium in South Africa, and facilitated the student exchange program between the University of Cape Town and Barnard. As a Director-at-Large, she assumes a needed position at the direction of the AABC.


Randi Jaffe ’74

Annual Giving Committee Chair

Randi has served on the Annual Giving Committee since 2014, and in various Class Officer positions for many years—helping ’74 reach higher and higher fundraising goals. As Annual Giving Committee Chair, she works to strategize and facilitate fundraising efforts.


Adrienne Serbaroli ’02

Bylaws and Governance Chair

Adrienne has been an active Barnard Alumna Admissions Representative since 2004 and participates in the local Barnard alumnae clubs whenever she gets stationed in a new city by the Marines, in which she serves as a lawyer. As Bylaws and Governance Chair, she oversees the bylaws of the AABC and ensures their proper execution.


Lori Hoepner ’94

Fellowship Committee Chair

Lori has served Barnard since graduation as a Class Officer, on various committees, and as a Barnard Alumna Admissions Representative, BBPW Director, and former President of the Barnard College Club of New York. As Fellowship Committee Chair, she oversees the annual process for choosing the recipients for the AABC Fellowship for Graduate Study.


Lisa Lin ’98

Nominating Committee Chair

Lisa is the President of the Barnard Club of Northern California, where she plans numerous events, including an annual scholarship fundraiser. She also runs the 5,600-member Barnard College Alumnae LinkedIn Group. As Nominating Committee Chair, she oversees the process and execution of the AABC nominations.


Shilpa Bahri ’99

Reunion Committee Chair

Shilpa is the President of the Class of 1999 and has served on various committees, including the Alumnae Website Advisory Committee and the Reunion Committee. As Reunion Committee Chair, she will oversee the committee participating in the planning and execution of Barnard’s biggest annual alumnae event.