Winter 2011

A busy and productive year

Ntozake Shange '70 weighs in on For Colored Girls, why she writes, and her new book

Donning a prom gown, a pair of paint-spattered overalls, or a fur coat sends strong messages about the wearer’s social status, values and sense of style. So what was the significance of African slaves dressed by their eighteenth-century English masters in silks and lace, Associate Professor of English Monica L. Miller wondered. And why was calling a black man a “dandy” a slight?

Heat & Light: Advice for the Next Generation of Journalists

Benny Carter's widow enlists a friend to breathe new life into the jazz great's gorgeous melodies.

In the late 1950s, the eminent anthropologist, professor, museum curator, winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and Barnard alumna Margaret Mead ’23 invited young photographer Ken Heyman, whom she had met earlier during his student days at Columbia, to accompany her on a field trip to Bali.

Personal librarians help new students sort out resources.

On December 15, Barnard College, along with schools across the country, released the results of its Early Decision application process. We sent acceptance letters to 240 presumably happy young women and their families, generating a wonderful bubble of excitement in return. “Our entire family is ecstatic to learn that Isabel has been accepted to Barnard,” wrote one delighted grandmother to our admissions staff. “We are all calling each other, laughing and exclaiming with joy.” “We have all worked so hard to get here, so now we can breathe!” scribbled a young woman on our newly assembled Facebook page. “CONGRATS everyone! Barnard College Class of 2015, here we come!”