Outgoing FedEx Shipments


Barnard College uses FedEx as its primary vendor for Express and Ground shipping. The College receives discounted rates which are passed along to departments. Mail Services supplies FedEx envelopes and boxes for express services. There is no charge for these materials, but FedEx does not allow express packaging to be used for ground shipments.

Shipping Work Related Items

Mail Services will create a FedEx user account to authorized faculty and staff so they can log into the FedEx web site to generate the appropriate shipping labels. Using FedEx Ship Manager is like ordering other products or services on-line. Faculty and support staff should contact their department assistant or administrator for authorization to the FedEx Ship Manager web site to generate the appropriate shipping forms. Administrators may email requests, including the full name, email address, and department for the person needing FedEx access, to mailservices@barnard.edu.

Shipping Personal Items

Effective July 1, 2012, Mail Services will no longer accept payments to prepare outgoing FedEx labels for personal (non-work) items. Faculty and staff who want to ship personal items by FedEx can use the FedEx web site for creating one-time shipments paid by credit card or they can go to the FedEx location on 116th Street, just west of Broadway. Mail Services will continue to accept drop-off packages for staff who have created their own labels on their own computers and printers. FedEx picks up from Mail Services every work day around 2:30 p.m.

Using FedEx Ship Manager

  1. User. You must first log into the FedEx web site. (See "Shipping Work Related Items" above if you need to get a log-in.) You will be brought directly to your own FedEx page where you can set up a personal address book, group address book, and even access your shipping history from any internet connected computer.
  2. Training. Using FedEx Ship Manager on the web is fairly straightforward, and you may not need any assistance. However, FedEx provides a link to a tutorial, should you desire to use it.
  3. Help. Once you have successfully logged into you FedEx Ship Manager account, you may also get help directly from FedEx at 877-339-2774.
  4. International Shipments. Use the above number if you need help with International shipments, including customs forms.
  5. Supplies. Please do not order supplies, even if the web site gives you permission. Supply orders originating from departments other than Mail Services are returned to FedEx. You may pick up express shipping supplies at the Mail Services window in A100 Altschul. There is no charge for these items. If you need special express boxes or bulk supplies, simply contact Mail Services at x42019. (We do not stock Ground or Home Delivery boxes, since FedEx charges for these items.)
  6. Tips.
    1. Recipient phone number. You will need to enter the recipient's phone number when preparing an on-line shipment. This is a good thing, as it assists FedEx if there is a delivery problem. However, if you do not know the recipient's number, put in your own phone number.
    2. Package weight. You are required to enter the package weight, if it is not a FedEx letter. Simply estimate the weight. You will be charged the actual shipping weight.
    3. Access when abroad. FedEx Ship Manager can only be used when shipping from the United States.
    4. Signature options. Requesting a signature costs extra. There is no need to request a signature when shipping to a company, since FedEx is required to collect a signature when delivering to a business.
    5. Canceled shipments. If you complete a FedEx shipment online to the point of displaying the label on screen and then do not ship the item as scheduled, you should go into your Shipping History and cancel the item before the day is out.
    6. Pop-up ad blockers. If FedEx Ship Manager screens do not display properly, it is probably because your internet browser is configured to suppress pop-up ads. Configure your pop-up blocker to permit pop-ups on FedEx.com. (Contact the BCIT Service Desk if you need help changing your browser configuration.)
    7. Multiple departments. If you want to charge FedEx shipments to more than one account number, contact Olive Conteh-Martyn to make arrangements. Once your account has been properly created for multiple accounts, you can select the department for each shipment from the drop down list in the Your reference field under Billing details.