Incoming Mail

Incoming Letter Mail

Letter mail is delivered to Barnard every Monday-Friday and is generally placed into student mailboxes by noon. To the extent that space permits, Mail Services will also use your mailbox for large envelopes and small packages that do not require a signature. If an item does not fit, we will treat it like a signature-required item.

Incoming Package Mail

Packages are brought to Barnard at varying times throughout the day. When you receive a package or item requiring a signature, you are automatically sent a WITS Automated Email, and a printed Notification Slip is placed in your mailbox. The email is simply an alert to you from our Package Tracking software to expect a package, whereas the mailbox notice indicates that the package is ready for pickup at the service window.

You must present your Barnard I.D. and your printed Notification Slip at the service window to retrieve your package. Please do not come to the service window until you receive the notification slip.

Mail Services will hold your package for two weeks, after which we send you a final notice. Any package may be “returned to sender” if it is left in Mail Services for three weeks or longer without any further warning. (Items are not returned over winter and spring breaks.)

Under exceptional circumstance, you may ask another student to pick up a package for you. In those cases, you must send an email to Mail Services ( giving the full name of the person who will act as your proxy for that item only—this is not a general proxy. You must send this email from your Barnard email account, and your proxy must present his/her I.D. at the service window.

If you open your package in the Mail Services alcove, please break down your carton and throw it in one of the blue or yellow paper recycling bins.

Carts and hand-trucks may be borrowed for up to 30 minutes for the Quad, 600’s and Elliott residences and for up to 45 minutes for Plimpton and 110th St residence halls. Your Barnard I.D. will be kept at the service window until the cart or truck is returned. All borrowed items must be returned at least 15 minutes before Mail Services closes.