Mail & Package Forwarding

Mail & Package Forwarding

The following are procedures detailing how the College handles student mail over the summer, for students on leave during the academic year, and for graduating seniors.


Mail Services will automatically forward first class mail for returning students from May 21 - August 10, 2018. Please see below for additional information for graduating seniors.

If you will be on/near campus and wish to keep your mailbox open, you must complete a KEEP MAILBOX OPEN card available at the Mail Services window, to continue receiving mail at your campus mailbox. This card overrides any information submitted via our online form. Please ensure you are picking up your mail at least once a week.

If you want your mailbox closed and mail forwarding to begin, you must fill out a Close Mailbox form, available here or at the Mail Services window.

How long does it take before I receive my forwarded mail?

Sorting and processing the initial batch of forwarding mail can take up to a week, and is then sent to the Manhattanville Post Office to forward, so it is likely you will not receive forwarded mail until the first week in June. After the initial backlog, mail to be forwarded is processed and turned over to the post office every weekday. However, the Post Office generally takes longer to process forwarded mail than regular first class mail, so expect delays of a week or more throughout the summer.

What if I need my mail to go to a different address?

Temporary changes in address can managed by completing the Student Mail Forwarding Form available on myBarnard. Click on the Student View tab, then the Student Services link. Under the myMail & Print tab on the right side of the screen, click on the Mail and Package Forwarding link. Be sure to fill out all information requested in the format indicated. You may change the information on this Web form as often as you wish.

What about my packages?

If your mailbox is open, you may receive packages. Any packages not retrieved within 2 weeks of arrival may be returned to sender at any time. However, mail and packages are held over winter and spring breaks, and the usual two-week pickup deadline does not go into effect until classes resume.

If your mailbox is closed for leave or over the summer, your packages will be handled according to the policies of the carrier. U.S. Postal Service packages will be forwarded to U.S. addresses only. The U.S. Postal Service will forward personal packages sent by first class and priority mail to U.S. addresses only. Store bought merchandise received will be sent to USPS for forwarding, however, per their current policies, these packages will likely be returned to vendor and not forwarded to recipient. Other packages, including those from private carriers such as FedEx and UPS, are given back to the carrier and returned to sender.

Will you take requests by email or telephone?

For students who are off-campus, we will accept Email requests to close or open a mailbox if they come from your Barnard email account and include a daytime phone number where we can contact you if necessary. We do not accept email requests to change forwarding addresses nor do we accept changes of any kind over the telephone. Please send email to

What if I don’t have Internet access to the Web forwarding form?

Request a green Temporary Mail Forwarding Form from Mail Services to take with you over the summer or on leave. This signed card can be mailed or faxed to Mail Services when the student is away from Barnard; it will not be accepted while a student is on campus.

How do I change my permanent home address?

Mail Services cannot make changes to your permanent home address. Current Barnard students must write the Registrar, Room 107 Milbank. Alumnae should contact Alumnae Records (212) 854-2005 or online at

Will my mail be forwarded to a foreign address?

Yes, for regular letters and cards. According to the U.S. Postal Service International Mail Manual, "Postcards and unregistered letters that do not appear to contain merchandise and do not bear a notice forbidding forwarding may be redirected to the original addressee in another country. Letters and cards are forwarded without prepayment of additional postage." Items other than letters and postcards "must be returned to the sender."

Magazines, newspapers, and local mail?

Magazines will be forwarded to U.S. addresses only. Newspapers will not be forwarded or saved. Inter-office mail is returned to sender.



Mail received for recent graduates is forwarded for two terms.


Through August 10, 2018, your mail will be forwarded as if you were a continuing Barnard student (address on file with Registrar).

After August 10, 2018, your forwarding address will come from Alumnae Relations. In order to allow for sufficient processing time, please inform Alumnae Records of your new address by August 10, 2018. Any address changes after that date should also be processed through Alumnae Records. See Barnard Alumnae Network for more information.


Notify Alumnae Relations (not Mail Services) of any changes to your address. See Barnard Alumnae Network for more information.