Mailbox and Mailing Address

Address and Combination Information

Students may retrieve their mailbox combination and address in the Mail Services section of eBear (under "Students").

The post office considers the concatenation of your mailbox number and Altschul to represent a "street" address. Therefore, the following address format should always be used for your mail and packages:

Your Full Name
NNNN Altschul
New York, NY 10027-XXXX

In the above example, NNNN represents your 4-digit mailbox number and 10027-XXXX represents a zip+4 number assigned by USPS for your mailbox. It is important to use the full 9-digit zip code at all times. Do not use your dorm or any Broadway address for mail or packages.

In addition to personal correspondence and periodical subscriptions, you should make sure that your correct address is used by all commercial mailers, including banks, credit cad companies, cable providers, and all other mailers. To prevent misdirected or returned mail, please notify mailers immediately if they use an incorrect mailing address.

Exception: Cathedral Gardens residents may receive packages at the building. Letter mail should be addressed as above. The address format for Cathedral Gardens packages is:

Resident’s Name
217 Manhattan Avenue
Suite/Room Number
(e.g. Apartment 3D6)
New York, NY 10025

Proper Use of Mailboxes

Barnard College issues mailboxes and mailbox combinations to Barnard students only. Students are not permitted to use these boxes for relatives or guests. Incoming mail for non-Barnard students is "Returned to Sender." Similarly, combinations should not be given to others for "convenience." An open or improperly closed box invites problems; students should close mailboxes tightly and spin the combination. If a mailbox does not close or lock properly, please notify Mail Services immediately so that it may be repaired.

Please note, as abridged from the Student Handbook:

Delivery of alcohol to individual students (regardless of age) or student groups at Barnard is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, the commercial delivery of alcohol to College residence halls or the delivery of alcohol to any student campus mail address.