Tips on Shipping to Barnard

Weekend and Holiday Delivery

Mail Services is closed Saturdays, Sundays, and College holidays, and couriers are not permitted in the dorms except for delivery of some perishable items. Do not spend extra money for Saturday delivery, since packages are not accepted or processed over the weekend.


Use signature tracking and insurance options for valuable or very important items. The U.S. Postal Service—as well as private carriers such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.—provide options that can track and protect your letter or package, provided that a signature is captured at the point of delivery. Mail Services and Receiving acknowledges proof of delivery at Barnard only for those items signed for by one of our staff.

USPS Delivery Confirmation issues

Many booksellers and other companies use USPS “Delivery Confirmation” as their preferred shipping method. “Delivery Confirmation” is something of a misnomer. At present, most Delivery Confirmation items do not require a signature or even an acceptance scan at Barnard. When the USPS web site tells you that such an item has been “delivered,” it means that it has arrived at the local Post Office, not at Barnard. For this reason, we do not accept Delivery Confirmation by itself as proof that an item has been received at Barnard.

Credit Cards and Cash

Every year, the Post Office receives thousands of complaints nationwide about cash missing from mailed envelopes. Barnard College cannot be held responsible for claims concerning missing cash. Please ensure that all credit cards sent are not validated until after receipt by the card user.

Delivery of Alcohol

Please note, as abridged from the Student Handbook:

Delivery of alcohol to individual students (regardless of age) or student groups at Barnard is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, the commercial delivery of alcohol to College residence halls or the delivery of alcohol to any student campus mail address.

Edible items

Securely wrap food items in an air-tight metal container. If not, the package may be damaged by rodents or other vermin during transit. Send non-perishable items only; never send fruit!